Aquaculture Technology

Aeration Systems


Injector Aerators

INJECTION AERATORS for aeration, circulation, destratification and oxygenation

Injection aerator Injection aerator in use

This injectors are one of the best and most advanced aeration systems worldwide, and also suitable for large ponds. They work with an for endurance run produced, maintenance free, turnable, submerged (also seawater resistant), motor in different power sizes (1.0 HP 230 V/50 Hz or 1.5-2.0 HP 380 V/50 Hz). The rotating propeller (2800 r.p.m.) produces an adjustable current, through which air drawn from the surface and formed into fine evenly distributed bubbles.
The diffused air aerate from the bottom up and the circulation created from the fine bubbles displaces the surrounding water, thus breaking up stratified water areas. This constant surge forces the pond to turn over, bringing cooler bottom water to the surface, where it picks up additional oxygen from the atmosphere. Therefore the dissolved oxygen is always as high as possible. Through the eutrophication process (of faeces and feeds) there is usually oxygen deficit at depth, therefore this system works to an adjustable depth and introduces the oxygen where it is needed, not only on the surface. If submerged, pure oxygen instead of air can be introduced with exact dosage. Long contact time of the fine bubbles in the water, ensures also this system is very effective.
Depending on power and depth, the air flow rate is up to 35 cubic meter/hour. At an oxygen content of 6 mg O2/l at beginning, one 1.0 HP unit in use with air, introduce over 0.32 kg O2/h which is the oxygen demand for over 2600 kg (table sized 250 g) trouts at a water temperature of 10 °C, for approx. 1000 kg at 20 °C or up to 3000 kg of other species.
Depending on installation, depth and current, sediments can also be cleaned. If the aerator is positioned near the water surface it also acts as an ice clearing machine in winter. Strong circulation also eliminates pond stratification and organic matter deposition. Finally thanks to the floatation phenomenon (foaming), this aerators make it possible to remove excess algae proliferation, colloidal substances, mud and any other suspended particles and improve water quality. With this proven system, all variants of aeration, current creation and oxygenation are possible.
Theese proven aerators are made in China and are supplied complete with motor, supports, float kit and propeller protection fingers, but are not available for delivery to: Portugal, Spain, Italy, France, Belgium, Germany, Danmark, Great Britain, USA, Mexico, Thailand and Taiwan. They are lightweight compact systems (Motor: 14 to 16 kg), and very easy to install.

INJECTORS without further energy consumption

Injector Injector in use

This “ECO” injector is a new developed static aerator for the water inlet pipe (1 “) in tanks, raceways and small ponds, that works hydraulically and has no moving parts. It is designed to ensure cost-effective use of any viable water source. For degassing, aeration, oxygenation and dosing with chemicals (thereby avoiding the slightest wastage and maximising efficiency). In enriching the water with air or pure oxygen, this aerator can create good circulation with a lesser ammount of water than is usually supplied, with consequent energy savings. It works hydraulically (from 0.2 bar and 0.4 l/sec. on) exploiting the act the water passing through it at high speed (achieved by means of suitable flow rates and pressures with the special 3 interchangeable nozzles (for approx. 30, 50 or 100 liter/minute) and creates a great pressure drop and consequently a tremendous suction capacity, without introducing additional energy.
This injector is also available with 12 V DC (3.5 A) submersible plastic pump (50 l/min), if no pressure is available, or it can be connected to any pump.

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Propeller Aerators

PROPELLER AERATORS with water conveyerPropeller Aerator in use

This propeller aerator was specially developed for intensive production of fish in tanks, raceways and ponds. The maintenance free, heavy duty, motor (230 or 380 Volt) has a mounted propeller which allows a high water circulation and has an oxygen transfere rate of approx. 1.5 kg/kwh. The small float size (70 x 70 cm) as well as the compact and lightweight system make it fast and easy to install. As accessoire a protection basket (with 4, 7 or 12 mm grating) is available, which save smaller fish for injuries.

The following typs are available:

Power HP 0.2 0.5 1.0
Water circulation m3/h 50 100 180
Water splash Ø cm 160 180 250
Water splash hight cm 60 75 90
Weight kg 26 28 30

AERATOR PUMPS with fontain spray pattern

Aerator Pump Aerator Pump in use

This “Spray” aerator pump with 25 m cable is specially suitable for ponds and introduce a lot of oxygen into the water. If the self floating pump is connected with the spray nozzle it becomes an aerator with fontain spray pattern. If the supplied nozzle is changed to the supplied pipe adaptor it can be used as a floating pump for irrigation. The change of theese two functions doesn’t need any tool. They have a very reasonable price and are easy to install, eighter floating on the water surface or submerged to depth (with an anchor stone).

The following typs are available:

Power kw 0.25 0.55 0.75 1.10 1.50 1.80
Voltage (50 Hz) 220 220 220 380 380 380
Capacity m3/h 10 20 25 30 40 75
Loading Area m2 500 1000 1500 2500 3000 4000
Water spray m 1-2 2-3 3-5 4-6 5-7 6-8
Pipe Ø mm 50 65 80 80 80 100
Weight kg 8 14 15 15 16 20

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Paddle Aerators

PADDLEWHEEL SYSTEMS for effective oxygen introduction

Aeration and/or oxygenation is specially of economic importance in intensive farms. At this completely new developed systems all possible failures and defects of other known products have been removed. The systems have been tested under hardest conditions and have a very high effeciency, with the same time low investment and operation costs. The oxygen introduction is usually about 1.6 kg/kwh. There are no bearings of the wheel (100-130 r.p.m) necessary and also no couplings and discs, this reduce friction lost and increase the effeciency and also reduce the possible parst which could become deffect with time. A very long self live and high efficieny is also guarandeed through the worm-gearing. The motor is specially sealed aginst moisture. Paddles, wheel and frame are made of stainless steel, the floats from thick UV- and ozone resistant material.

Paddlewheel aeratorOxygen cover

The Paddlewheel Aerators are available in different power ratings (180, 250, 370, 550 and 750 Watt) and have dimensions of approx. 1.5 x 1.6 x 0.6 m (LxWxH) and a weight of 30-70 kg. To use this paddlewheel aerators also with pure oxygen instead of air, as accessoire a special oxygen cover is available. The special formed cover inside guarantees that no oxygen (feed up to 15 l/min) disperse or waste to the surface, after the water leaves the aerator. As there are no seals necessary at the bearing of the wheel, also this guarantees that there is no oxygen wasted and thus this makes the system very effective too. The efficiency is up to 90 %.

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Gas Diffusers

RUBBER DIFFUSER with stainless steel frame

Rubber Diffuser with stainless steel frameThis professionell, extremely durable and effective difusers are suitable for the live fish transport and for emergency purposes with pure oxygen. The approx. 1000 pores/meter arranged in 6 rows, of the special oxygen hose open only if oxygen is supplied and close again if the supply stops. Thus, pore blockage is prevented and the diffuser is allways ready to operate. An uniform bubble size due to the streight hose mounting in a stainless steel frame are main features of this professionell diffusers. The sturdy hose connection has 6 mm diameter as standard (and is also available in 9 mm if prefered).

The following sizes are available as standard:

Width cm 40 40 55 55 55 55 70 70 70 70
Length cm 50 70 70 80 90 100 80 100 120 150

Other diffuser sizes and forms on request. For the self production of diffusers we deliver also just the diffuser hose per meter (19 mm inside diameter) as well as end pieces with connector and the pressure hose per meter (6 mm inside diameter).


Micro Bubble Ceramic Oxygen Diffuser Micro Bubble Ceramik Oxygen Diffusser in use

This diffusers are robust engineered products with high specification and performance and perhaps are the most efficient diffusers available. The ceramic plate has been designed to be very strong, the thickness (approx. 12 mm) of the ceramic has been increased over the more conventional plates. The pore size is also only 0.3 microns which produces a cloud of tiny oxygen bubbles (10-200 microns) in the water. Depending on the gas (oxygen or ozone) and water chemistry, the diffused gas may pass directly into solution with no visible sign of bubbles. There is no better gas diffuser available.
The flow is optimally 3-4 l/min and maximally 6-8 l/min. The working gas pressure is 25 to 35 psi, do not exceed 50 psi as it may result in damage to the diffuser. The ultimate in flat plate ceramic gas diffuser. One diffuser will supply sufficient oxygen to supply 100 % of the oxygen demand of approximately 2000 kg of fish with an efficiency approaching 100 % transfer of oxygen into solution and a oxygen satturation in the water of over 120 %. In seawater applications it can actually be difficult to see the bubbles, since the gas goes almost directly into solution.
The ceramic flat plate diffusers has a weight of 3,55 kg, outside dimensions of 450 x 110 x 28 mm with a ceramic plate of 400 x 90 x 12 mm (360 cm2) which gives a very small bubble size and are used where a small high rate diffuser with a high oxygen transfer efficiency is required. The diffuser has 4 mounting holes where stoppers can be fitted and has a female BSP threaded inlet with 6 mm adapter to connect the pressure hose.

CERAMIC DIFFUSERS for professional aerationCross-Diffuser (floating)

The fine poored ceramic tubes allow to diffuse the air in fine bubbles. The diffusers should be installed in the same deepth, but as deep as possible below the water surface. The floating cross diffuser is placed on the water surface in the center of the tank or pond and fixed with a rope to the shore so that it can move a little and aerate a larger area.
The cross diffusers are available complete with 20 mm hose tail (other on request) and are delivered with or without float. The 1 m long feeeding tube is also available shorter. Each diffuser tube has a length of 18 cm and a diameter of 6 cm and can introduce approx. 1.5 to 2.0 m3 air/hour each (6-8 m3 per cross diffuser).
They are also available as self sinking single tube diffusers with hose tail.

GAS DIFFUSERS with high performance

Flexible Gas DiffuserThis is among the most robust and versatile fine bubble diffusers commercially available. The diffuser has the capacity to pass large quantities of air, oxygen or carbon dioxide with low pressure drop and small bubble size (approx. 1-4 mm). Fine bubble diffusion is inherently more effective than coarse bubble diffusers in providing a greater mixing action and aeration efficiency. The diffusers are of a tubular semi-flexible construction (32 mm in diameter). An outer polyester sleeve encases a silica particle ballast and an inner nylon distributor. The internal ballast is not fused together, therefore precipitates such as iron and carbonates tend to crack off, and can be flushed out easily. The internal ballast (weight approx. 1.6 kg/m) means that the diffuser does not need to be anchored to the floor of the tank. The unique design of the diffusers makes them largley resistant to biological and chemical fouling. The diffuser resolves many of the problems associated with other diffusers and has proven itself with over 10 years of use in many industrial and wast water treatment applications and it is the leading air diffuser for aquaculture. This gas diffuser is a hybrid air diffuser with the benefits of both tubulare membrane and solid air diffusers, but with few of the disadvantages. Solid diffusers can breack or become blocked by biofouling, iron and carbonate precipitation. Membrane and other tubular difussers have to be secured to the tank bottom. The membranes (elastomers) can also suffer from fatigue, and as a consequence the performance can rapidly tail off over a few months.
The diffusers are sized (up to 5 m in length) according to the flow (m3/h) of air to be used. Length is approx. 33 cm per m3/h air or liter oxygen/min flow rate and pressure drop is less than 1 psi. All diffusers are supplied with either 3/8″, or 1/2″ hose tails in acetyl plastic. Brass or stainless steel fittings and non return valves are also available.

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Air Blowers


Membrane CompressorThis simpe membrane diaphragm compressors supply oil-free air and are perfectly suitable for live fish transports, where the required energy (12 V/DC standard, 24 V/DC on request) can be supplied by a battery i.e. from the truck. As accessoires 6 mm hoses and various diffusers are available.

The following types are available as standard:

Typ 903 904 905 906
Volume max. 70 l/min 90 l/min 105 l/min 125 l/min
Pressure max. 1,0 bar 1,2 bar 1,2 bar 1,3 bar
Power 35 W 60 W 100 W 120 W
Ampere approx. 3 A 5 A 8 A 10 A

REGENERATIVE BLOWERS for pressure or vacuum generation

Regenerative Sidechannel Blower (doubble stage)This reliable and favorable blowers summarise modern know-how of pressure and vakuum generation, based on longtime experiences. The motoris constructed for endurance run is available in various power sizes. Concerning the compact dimensions and the low sound this blowers are easy and everywhere to install. Lateral channel blowers work regeneratively. Casing and impeller with radial blades form a circular body. The medium (air) is accelerated by centrifugal force in the blade channels, stocked and compressed. This process continues permanently with continually increasing pressure rising until the medium leaves the casing through the outlet connection. Because of the special principle of construction and design, there is no contact between rotating parts.

Our unique submerged air blowers (on request) are installed directly in the water and allow therefore shorter pipe-lines, resulting in lower oppositions. This submerged blowers are nearly noth to hear and also save space. The waste heat from the submerged blowers can be used to heat the water in warmwater recirculation systems, which is an additional advance. The blowers can be installed single, paralell or for increasing the pressure, also in rows. At special request, all blowers can be produced for seawater use or other electric frequencies. As accessoire air filters, sound absorbers and security valves are available. The machines are delivered as mono stage (M) or doubble stage (D) blowers with single (S) or twin (T) impeller.

Types with the following performance data* are available as standard:

P mbar 0 100 200 400 600 Pressure max. Connections Weight approx.
Typ-Mono stage m3/h (kw) m3/h (kw) m3/h (kw) m3/h (kw) m3/h (kw) mbar (kw) Inch kg
00-MS 55 (0.20) 90 (0.20) 1 6.5
03-MS 74 (0.37) 39 (0.37) 150 (0.55) 1 1/4 12.0
04-MS 137 (0.75) 96 (0.75) 55 (1.10) 250 (1.50) 1 1/2 19.5
05-MS 219 (1.10) 166 (1.10) 113 (2.20) 300 (3.00) 2 30.5
06-MS 304 (2.20) 242 (2.20) 181 (3.00) 340 (4.00) 2 35.2
07-MS 412 (2.20) 334 (2.20) 255 (3.00) 96 (5.50) 400 (7.50) 3 61.5
08-MS 536 (3.00) 450 (3.00) 363 (5.50) 190 (7.50) 450 (9.20) 3 77.5
09-MS 663 (4.00) 570 (4.00) 477 (5.50) 291 (11.0) 450 (11.0) 4 87.5
10-MS 782 (5.50) 684 (5.50) 586 (7.50) 389 (11.0) 500 (15.0) 4 95.0
11-MS 915 (5.50) 812 (5.50) 708 (9.20) 501 (15.0) 450 (18.5) 4 128.5
Typ-Double stage m3/h (kw) m3/h (kw) m3/h (kw) m3/h (kw) m3/h (kw) mbar (kw) Inch kg
10-DH 30 (0.37) 15 (0.37) 2 (0.37) 200 (0.37) 1/2 10.0
15-DH 50 (0.55) 37 (0.55) 25 (0.55) 300 (0.55) 3/4 12.5
20-DH 72 (0.37) 51 (0.37) 35 (0.55) 350 (1.10) 1 1/4 21.5
30-DH 103 (0.37) 79 (0.55) 61 (0.75) 26 (1.50) 400 (1.50) 1 1/2 26.5
40-DH 144 (0,75) 118 (1.10) 95 (1.50) 55 (2.20) 500 (3.00) 1 1/2 36.5
07-MD 181 (2.20) 165 (2.20) 150 (2.20) 122 (3.00) 97 (5.50) 650 (5.50) 3 64.5
08-MD 236 (3.00) 219 (3.00) 202 (3.00) 173 (5.50) 148 (7.50) 650 (7.50) 3 72.0
09-MD 311 (4.00) 288 (4.00) 268 (4.00) 229 (5.50) 196 (7.50) 725 (9.20) 4 90.5
10-MD 387 (5.50) 358 (5.50) 331 (5.50) 283 (7.50) 249 (9.20) 750 (11.0) 4 92.5
11-MD 431 (5.50) 402 (5.50) 375 (5.50) 325 (7.50) 282 (11.0) 750 (15.0) 4 108.0

*Performance data at pressure operation 50 Hz (= 2900 RPM), for air at 20 degree C, pressure 1013 mbar, tolerance +/- 10 %.

Oxygen or Ozone generators and air compressors are available on request!


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