OSEC®-NXT Membrane Electrochlorination System


The series of OSEC®-NXT membrane electrochlorination systems is used for commercial leisure and swimming pool applications as well as potable or industrial water treatment.

OSEC-NXT Membrane Electrochlorination System
OSEC®-NXT System

They provide many safety features when used as an alternative to chlorine gas systems. Transport and handling of chlorine cylinders is completely eliminated. Only saturated brine and softened water are needed for the redeveloped electrolyzer process which safely and efficiently produces hypochlorite on-site. The optimized efficiency of the electrolyzer cells leads to a minimum demand for brine and power.

The integrated Wallace & Tiernan® ChemWeb-Server data communication server provides remote visualization capability. All components for the electrolyzer process, the controller, and the water softener are skid mounted for easy installation while maintaining a small foot print. In addition, the lower capacity systems up to 6 kg (13 lb) per day contain integrated tanks for brine and sodium hypochlorite.


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