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Paddock Evacuator

FreshAIR™ Defeats Chloramines!

If you ever spend any time in an indoor pool, then you have experienced the discomfort of burning eyes, smelly pool air, respiratory irritation or even coughing fits. These problems are caused by Chloramines in the pool air.

The layman’s typical reaction is that there is too much chlorine in the pool. However, this foul odor is not caused by excess chlorine but rather by a chlorine compound called Chloramine. Chloramines are created in the water when chlorine does its job – attacking and burning up nitrogen introduced into the water by bathers. These chloramines are very volatile and off gas from the surface of the pool when agitated. Chloramines have long been linked to breathing issues amongst pool users; however, problems aren’t limited to humans. Chloramines permeate facilities as well, deteriorating building components, pool accessories and air handling systems. Facility managers recognize how poor air quality can hurt attendance of spectators at events and even participation by recreational users.

In response to this problem, Paddock Pool Equipment Company has engineered a cutting-edge solution to chloramine problems with their new Evacuator™. The Evacuator™ clears chloramines out of the air and exhausts them out of the facility providing “FreshAIR™” for all pool users.

Paddock is passionate about helping provide the best air quality available and making indoor pool experiences a pleasure! As you browse our website, you will learn more about what the Evacuator™ does, how it works, and who comprises our growing family of FreshAIR™ facilities. Additionally, we will introduce you to our team of Distribution Partners and Suppliers hand picked from around the country, who have outstanding reputations in the swimming industry.

Paddock Evacuator Company is YOUR ONLY SOURCE for retrofit applications of the Evacuator™ system. With 90 years experience, Paddock is committed to providing 100% American made products and complete satisfaction to our customers.

For more information on retrofit applications of the Paddock Evacuator™ to existing facilities, please call us toll-free at 1-855-723-3822.

For more information on New Construction applications of the Paddock Evacuator™, please visit or call toll free 1-800-849-2729.