How can we safely train in swimming pools that use chlorine as a disinfectant? (as a means for killing harmful bacteria.)

Why has the “chlorine cough” become more prevalent, in recent yours, than in the past?

First, check the fresh water supply. Is it coming form a well? (check the Nitrate levels.) Is it coming form a public water source? (is the water treatment plant using chlorine or monochloramine for safe disinfecting and subsequent safe transportation.)  Each has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Nitrate levels have always been a factor effecting well water.  High Nitrate levels, over 10 ppm is not condiered safe.  When the Nitrates interact with chlorine, organinc and inorganic compounds are formed: choroforms, THM’s so many other Nitrogen, Hydrogen and Chlorine compounds, (the chlorine smell, associated with swimming pools is more accurately NH4, more commonly known as Ammonia….)

So, what can we do about it?  Showering before entering the pool?  Allow the swimmers to use the bathroom between sets?  Obviuos, partial, solutions.  We cannot stop the swimmers from sweating, nor from spitting,  (allowing the water to enter their mouths while training.)  We cannot eliminate the need fro the water we train in to have a disinfectant.

A properly maintained pool, with combined chlorine levels below .5, an air to water temperature differential of no more than 2 degrees, and plenty of fresh air is all that is needed.  If it were that simple.

We propose to devise a system that maintains freshair, and to provide a water purifying system which will maintain combined chlorine levels below .5, while maintaining safe disinfectant levels.

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