Reverse Osmosis


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The CWP 800 RO System for Swimming Pools

Would you like to use less chemicals?
Would you like to eliminate calcium deposits?
Would you like to reduce health risks while swimming?

Then Say ‘Hello’ to the Reverse Osmosis Nanofiltration System
Once a year purification gives the best swim in town!

Plus! Save water and chemicals by not draining your pool!

Call (888) 828-1508 for More Information!

Reverse Osmosis System for Swimming Pools
What Is Nanofiltration?

Nanofiltration is a low-pressure, reverse-osmosis process that converts domestic water to bottled water purity. A nanofiltration system removes impurities without adding chemicals. The result is a great improvement to the taste of your drinking water while reducing the health risks of using domestic water.

From Homes to Hotels, Our Exclusive Nanofiltration System Will:

Remove Disease Causing Microbes Including Chlorine-Resistant Microbes
Remove Carcinogenic Disinfectant By-Products (THMs, etc.) These Byproducts Are
Presently in All Conventionally Treated Domestic Water. It is as Dangerous to Bathe In
the Water as It Is to Drink It
Remove Heavy Metals Such as Copper, Lead, and Mercury
Reduce Nitrates Below EPA-Allowable Levels
Remove Radioactive Radon, a Carcinogen
Remove Arsenic, Selenium, and Excess Fluoride.
Remove Both Hardness and Salinity. (Conventional Softeners Reduce Hardness, But
Increase Salinity)

This Reduction Provides:
• A Safer, More Refreshing Bath or Shower
• Saves Money and the Environment by Requiring Less Shampoo, Soap, and Detergent
• Longer Life for Water-Based Appliances, Cooler Pads, and Car Radiators
• Less Scaling on Toilets, Sinks, Baths, and Showers

With Nanofiltration for Your Pool or Spa, You Will:

• Enjoy Swimming in a Non-Threatening
• Use 80% Fewer Chemicals in Your Pool or Spa
• Reduce Chemical Absorption through Pores
• Save Big $$$ on Pool Chemicals
• Experience Less Eye Irritation
• Require Less Maintenance of Pool Equipment
• Observe Less Bleaching of Tile Work in Pools
• Less Bleaching and Fading of Acrylic and
Fiberglass Jacuzzis

Clean Water Products has a system for every size project from a condo to a 5,000 room hotel with restaurants. No matter how large or small, you will taste and observe the difference of nano-reverse osmosis. All CWP systems are designed by Dr.
Brent Cluff, a hydrologist with the University of Arizona (retired).


Benefits of Our Pool R.O Filtration Systems

*Taking a Portable RO System from Pool to Pool for Purification Purposes Is a Patented Process*

We offer Service Franchises. For a $11,200 Investment you can service 300 pools per year for $250 per pool.  Save millions of gallons per unit per year.  Tell your pool service technician about this offer so you can rent the technology for your pool.

The Portable RO System is essential for saltwater pools that make chlorine from the saltwater. In these pools a Nano RO would be used to remove the hardness without removing the sodium chloride.



Boy swimming in a pool The most common way to keep a swimming pool clean is to use chlorine, bromine, or another toxic ion as a cleansing agent to kill off any bacteria or algae that may be present in the water. These chemicals are what give swimming pools their distinctive chloride smell, and they are also what make your eyes burn and your skin dry out after swimming. However, with a water purification system, you can make your pool both clean with fewer chemicals.

The biggest reason to keep your swimming pool chlorinated is to kill off any micro-organisms that may want to live in the standing water. Indeed, chlorine kills these bacteria, algae, and fungi that would otherwise appear in a pool–but there is better way to keep your pool clean: a reverse osmosis water purifier. These machines use a dual purification system to keep your pool clear of unwanted micro-organisms.

First of all, the purifier recycles the water through RO machine, removing any impurities, including biological ones, and returns only pure filtered water to the pool basin. In addition, the filtration process is so thorough that the filtered water is free of nitrates, phosphates, and other dissolved organics that algae and bacteria need to survive. By filtering out not only the micro-organisms, but also their sources of sustenance, you can keep your pool crystal clear using fewer chemicals and saving significant amounts of money

As a result, you’ll have a pool that needs less chlorine, and therefore will not affect your eyes and skin, and is better for the environment. The cost of replacing filters is small and comparable to the cost of chlorine, so periodically using the RO purifier to clean your pool. For help in finding an RO service company in your area, call Clean Water Products today.



Swimming Pool Water Treatments

The purpose of chlorinating a pool is to keep algae from growing in it–but algae cannot grow in pure water because there are no nutrients in it. By using a water purifier every 6 months, you can have a clean swimming pool that requires less effort on your part. Just use the RO rental every 6 months, and you can enjoy going for a swim in an easy to take care of pool without bleaching your hair or burning your eyes.

The purpose of chlorinating a pool is to keep algae from growing in it–but algae cannot grow in pure water because there are no nutrients in it. By having a water purifier that continually filters your water, you can have a clean swimming pool that requires almost no effort on your part. Just replace your filter membranes every six months, and you can enjoy going for a dip without worrying that high chlorine levels will bleach your hair or burn your eyes.

Girl Swimming in Water Treated by Reverse Osmosis

Cyanuric Acid is used in the chlorine treated pools to slow the loss of chlorine, and improve the efficiency of the chlorine. It is added to the chlorine tablets that are commonly used in pools. Because of its health hazards, the acid has a maximum regulatory limit of 100 parts per million. This level is commonly exceeded in most pools. The RO treatment removes Cyanuric Acid and therefore reduces this health hazard to swimmers.

More and more people are making the switch to an RO water purifier in lieu of excessive chemical water treatments. Once you make the change, you’ll never go back to the high chlorine levels in your swimming pool. To learn more about the benefits of making the switch to RO/Nano filtrations, please call Clean Water Products today at (888) 828-1508, or email your questions to

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