Copper-zinc Filtration

How You Can Create a Chlorine-Free Pool with this Patented Technology

What I found was a simple solution that not only keeps your pool looking clean but also helps you eliminate chlorine and the risky byproducts we’ve been talking about.

So how does it work?

Shower Filter

Well, since our number one goal was to eliminate your dependence on chlorine as much as possible, my team and I discovered a filter technology that provides an excellent way for you to enjoy chlorine-free water.

The  Mercola Swimming Pool Treatment disk uses a unique form of the patented KDFÒ (Kinetic Degradation Fluxion) copper-zinc (CuZn) media.

Through a proprietary process, the CuZn media forms into a soft disk filter that looks like a gold sponge. The disk filters your pool water as the water twists and turns through the maze of copper-zinc fibers within.

The  Mercola Swimming Pool Treatment disk efficiently removes chlorine while also acting as a scale-remover and helps maintain a bacteriostatic environment in your pool.

You may know about KDF from my drinking water filtration system. The pool filter uses the same innovative media – it’s simply formed into a filter disk that fits snugly into your skimmer basket.

Here are some of the key benefits of the Mercola Swimming Pool Treatment disk:

  • Eliminates your need for chlorine – helps you create a chlorine-free pool
  • Significantly reduces your dependence on other chemicals for: pH balancing, mineral additives, water softener, and controlling hardness and scale
  • Creates a bacteriostatic environment in your pool that inhibits bacteria and algae – without the hazardous byproducts generated if you use chlorine
  • Uses an all-natural process to provide anti-corrosive protection to your pool’s plumbing system
  • Is easy to install and replace – fits snugly in your skimmer and/or sediment filter
  • Helps you create a more energy efficient system by reducing scale that can coat your pipes, pumps, and other pool equipment
  • Provides you with a cost-effective solution – no added re-plumbing or complex installation required and disk filters typically last 3-5 months

Now,even with this filter media there made be a need for occasional “shocking” of your pool water if you have heavy rains for example.

However, please avoid the mistake I made and avoid using chlorine to shock your pool.

Remember, even though the chlorine dissipates very quickly, the real hazards to your health are the chlorine-created disinfection byproducts (DBPs) which can linger for days in your pool.

Don’t be mislead by your local pool store or retail outlets where you purchase pool supplies – avoid chlorine at all costs.

There are other less risky “shocking” agents on the market you can use instead – hydrogen peroxide is one example. Another agent is potassium monopersulfate, used to effectively eliminate organic contaminants.

Enjoy Your Pool More… Knowing You’re Protecting Your Family from Invisible Chemical Hazards

So, if you truly want to enjoy a safe and clean pool, I strongly recommend the  Mercola Swimming Pool Treatment disk for your home pool. The consequences from using chlorine are simply too risky to your family’s health.

And please remember to avoid all public pools because of the hazards I reviewed with you above.

Instead, if you live near the sea, I encourage you to swim there as often as you can for invigorating exercise and salt water health benefits.

But if you plan to spend time in your own swimming pool, please do so by eliminating all chlorine use. Order your  Mercola Swimming Pool Treatment disk today and start taking advantage of a practical, natural process to ensure safe and clean water in your pool.

I’m in the process of turning my personal swimming pool into totally chlorine free using a combination of the ozone system and the copper-zinc pool filters.

You can order both copper-zinc filters with full confidence knowing I back both of them with my 100%, money-back, “no questions asked” guarantee.

It’s simple. If you’re not 100% satisfied, you can receive a full refund.

So order now and enjoy your swimming pool for healthy exercise and family fun.

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4 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Danielle on August 4, 2012 at 9:58 pm

    I can’t find these on Mercola’s website. We are about to build a pool and I am struggling to find a safe, effective alternative to chlorine. What do you use in your pool?


    • Danielle-

      You are looking for an “oxidizer” not in the “Halon-family:” Chlorine and Bromine are part of the Halon-family.
      If you look into so called “salt-systems,” they convert NaCl (salt) into chlorine…for use as an oxidizer. The most common use for Copper is in ponds/lakes…rarely pools.

      You need to determine what you are trying to accomplish…if it is a chlorine allergy, take a look at some of the organic pool systems…basically you would be building a pond. If you are trying to minimize Halon disinfectant by-products…then use any system and be extremely diligent on maintaining proper chemistry.
      It is debatable, but chlorine is not the problem most people have…it is the disinfectant byproduct of chlorine and organic or inorganic compounds. “Salt” systems have gained popularity for “low-bather load” residential applications.

      Good Luck!


  2. Posted by Danielle on August 5, 2012 at 5:43 pm

    We don’t have an allergy, I just don’t like chemicals. This is going to be indoor so I am especially worried about chemicals. Are you saying chlorine is ok if you balance it properly? Is salt a good option? Do you have any specific suggestions? Thanks!


    • The challenge is the chloramines (the reactants of chlorine with organic/inorganic compounds)…they are what gives the “chlorine” smell;” it is actually ammonia…You need to control your combined chlorine, (chloramines,) through proper chemistry.

      Indoor pools need proper ventilation, due to the laws of physics! Whatever is in the pool water wants to be in the air- Henry’s law of pressure equilibrium…just to confuse you. So, you need to maintain proper levels of humidity, air/water temperature ratios, and fresh air exchanges…I recommend working with an experienced HVAC engineer…and definitely spend the money to over-engineer.

      EcoSmart sends me a lot of advertisements…they push a salt system…and a glass filter media…

      Good luck


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